Morrell Studio Philosophy



Professional photography is a luxury, not a commodity. It is an investment, not an expense.
When you invest in photographs, you're not buying a piece of paper, you are buying what is on it.

With that said, most professional photographers rely on print sales to sustain their business.
It is not uncommon to see prints marked up over ONE THOUSAND PERCENT. sells service, not prints.

There are no hidden or add-on fees for clothing changes, location changes, extra people, etc...

I offer three packages set at flat rates to simplify the decision process.

All three packages include a set amount of time, unlimited clothing changes* and location changes* and a DVD with your images.
Included in your package, you will recieve the rights to use or print your images however you want, where-ever you want.

How many other studios
make you that offer?

* Unlimited within the time-limit of the portrait session.