Morrell Studio Tips and Suggestions


Tips and Suggestions

To ensure the best possible experience,
I provide a few guidelines to help you prepare for your photo session.
In a family portrait, we want to emphasize faces, not arms and legs.
For this reason the family should:
  • Avoid shorts and tank tops (these draw attention away from the face)
  • Do wear dark socks and shoes
  • Avoid bold or busy patterns that might draw attention
  • Avoid tight patterns - especially stripes and checks (this includes corduroy) as it can cause swirly patterns in the final image.
  • Do try to dress in similar colors - such as everyone in jeans and a black t-shirt or black slacks and white button down shirts or everyone wears khaki and turtlenecks (you get the idea).
When having senior or children portraits there are slightly different rules:
  • Bring multiple outfits
  • Bring props that are important to the subject or help show off their personality
    (music or sports equipment or hobbies)
  • shorts and sandals are fine as an option but a change of clothes should be bought along (just in case)

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To get the best portrait possible, I need to know what your needs are,
what your concerns are, and if there are any special considerations.
Understanding your needs will help me create the art you want!